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Cryptic social media mission to launch James Bond Carte Blanche

Bond fans eager to get their hands on the latest James Bond adventure, Carte Blanche, have been set a cryptic social media mission to win the ultimate Bond prize.

Fans will be challenged to solve a series of clues and questions on Twitter, Facebook, and in real-world Bond-related locations around London in the run-up to the launch of the book, published by Hodder & Stoughton.
Participants will need to return regularly to www.facebook.com/007CarteBlanche to unravel the clues and there will be one final 007-style secret mission to determine the winner. 

The competition, managed by social media agency FreshNetworks, will climax on 25 May, when the winner will be picked up in the new Bentley Continental GT  (the car driven by Bond in Carte Blanche) and chauffeur- driven to the five star Lanesborough Hotel in London. Here they will receive a copy of Carte Blanche a day before the rest of the world and will meet with Carte Blanche author Jeffery Deaver to discuss, first-hand, the details of the book. 

Kelly Weekes, Marketing Director of Hodder & Stoughton, says: “This is an incredibly exciting competiton that reflects the anticipation and secrecy surrounding Carte Blanche.  Asking Bond fans to take part in their own cryptic mission will allow every Bond fan to put their Bond knowledge to the test and their clue-solving skills to the limit ahead of the publication of Carte Blanche.”

Runners up will receive invitations to the first public event with Jeffery Deaver, and for those who aren’t able to travel to London to complete the task, a separate strand of activity will let them compete to win one of 10 signed first edition Carte Blanche books, as well as other Jeffery Deaver, Ian Fleming and Charlie Higson titles.

Carte Blanche will be published in the UK.